Niall Brady- Senior Research Engineer – Cognitive Buildings/IoT Energy Analytics IBM

    • Niall Brady- Senior Research Engineer – Cognitive Buildings/IoT Energy Analytics IBM's presentations

    Niall Brady is a Senior Research Engineer at the Smarter Cities Technology Centre, Dublin, Ireland.His research work focuses on big data Energy Analytics in Cognitive Buildings and Retail Refrigerationenvironments, with his main area of expertise being in real world sensor interfacing and backend development of data driven algorithms for the validation of system control behaviour and energy optimisation.Before joining IBM Research, in 2011, he spent 6 years working in IBM’s service delivery organisation, as country IT Security manager, during which time he gained IT Security professional certification. His IBM career began in 1998 where he joined as Thin Film Deposition Engineering manager to setup up IBM’s hard disk manufacturing site in IBM’s Technology Campus in Dublin.Prior to his time in IBM, in 1993 as Engineering manager he was responsible for setting up Ireland’s first CDROM mastering production facility for KAO Infosystems, and before then was in involved several engineering process optimisation projects for multinationals Digital Equipment Corporation and Verbatim.He is co-author of several patents, and written many engineering and research publications over the last number of years.His research interests are primarily concerned with enablement of Internet of Things, for energy optimisation in real world building and large energy asset environments


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